Sleep problem? Is it a worry?

Postive associations

Sleep is a highly complex chemical process occurring in the brain – it needs consistent positive associations to aid these chemical processes.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene describes habits and practices which promote better sleep. A calm and consistent bedtime routine is crucial.

Sleep teaching

Learning to sleep is a process of normal development and takes practice. We encourage our babies to roll, crawl and walk – we need to encourage our babies to sleep. When paying for a sleep plan you are buying not just knowledge but on-going non-judgmental support and encouragement for you as parents whilst you encourage your child.

Waking is normal

All babies, children and adults wake 3-4 times in the second part of the night. This is an evolutionary advantage and we fall asleep quickly often without noticing. Your child will continue to wake but you will not be aware as we can teach them to resettle themselves.

Newest babies

Our newest babies have different sleep – they are not developmentally capable of the stages of sleep seen in older babies, children and adults.

Instead they alternate between active sleep and quiet sleep and will not always fall asleep when tired. Laying your baby down when they give you sleepy cues will help them settle.

Magic wand

Sleep teaching does not come with a magic wand! It takes some time (sometimes 3-5 days sometimes 3-5 weeks) and can increase parental tiredness at the beginning, BUT it is worth it! Before starting a sleep programme consider ways to increase your family’s sleep right now.

Additional help…

Using a sleep practitioner is money invested in on-going healthy sleep habits for your family, however it is not for everyone.

Below are listed some free sources of support for your family.

  • Local health visiting service
  • Local GP

You should know…

At present in the UK anyone can call themselves a sleep consultant. It is an unregulated industry, although that is set to change.

I am covered by professional indemnity insurance through the Royal College of Nursing. In addition as a specialist community public health nurse with current Nursing and Midwifery Council registration I am bound by my professional code of conduct. That means I have to act in the best interests of my client and their family at all times.


For me to work alongside you and your family to solve sleep issues you provide me with personal information. This is stored securely and only used for creating a tailor made plan for your family. Please see the privacy policy and terms and conditions for further information.

The magic awe of sleep has been lost in today’s society.