Sleep problems affect mental health and emotional wellbeing for many adults

Sleep increases productivity, reduces accidents and improves communication skills.

Well-rested staff take less time off sick and less carers leave!

Sleep makes for more productive meetings and greater cooperation.

Sleep promotes better mental health and less workplace and general anxiety!

Sleep Problems in Adults affects mental health & emotional wellbeing

“Tired minds don’t plan well. Sleep first, plan later.”

Walter Reisch

Less time off sick

Deep sleep in the first part of the night is when the body repairs itself. This deep sleep is often disturbed when a parent has a young baby or a child who does not sleep well.

Improving your employee’s and their family’s sleep means less time off sick and less time taken as parental or carers leave

Improved communication

Sleep allows us to process our emotions and feelings in the later part of the night when most REM sleep takes place.

An employee who is well slept will be able to regulate their emotions better and improve their work place communication

Improved mental health and less workplace stress

REM sleep in the second half of the night is involved in the removal of worrying thoughts and processing the day’s events without the emotion attached to it. Thus good sleep improves mental health, reduces anxiety and stress and helps employees to function at their best.

Mental health problems in the workplace can stem from demanding careers and juggling home life and this will impact how we sleep.  Poor sleep and poor mental health are linked and cyclical – improving one improves the other.  Many adults suffer with sleep problems and this can affect overall emotional wellbeing.

Sleep promotes better mental health and less workplace and general anxiety

Improved executive function

Good sleep allows for the laying down of important memories and the learning process. During sleep our brains also remove unimportant memories from our working memory, thus allowing us to prioritise and focus.

It is not easy to balance work and home life but simple adjustments and improvements in sleep hygiene can make big differences to overall sleep at night. Goodnight Solutions offer workshops and individual workplace consultations to help your employees identify and make these adjustments. Helping you to create a more productive business!

Sleep therefore makes for a more productive employee

Pricing information:

Please contact me to discuss your requirements in detail. Individual support for working parents can also be added as a company incentive.

Typical business package includes a Powerpoint presentation, Q&A session and individual employee support appointments.

Priced at £200 per day.

I would thoroughly recommend Rachel and Goodnight Solutions. Her expertise, great techniques and calm approach gave us the confidence to make changes to our 2 year old daughters sleep routine with positive results!

‘Mrs P’, 2019.

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