Support for school children who can’t get to sleep at night

Once a child reaches school age many factors can interfere with sleep such as friendship problems, worries about school life and the child’s growing independence.

However sleep remains vital for concentration, learning and emotional regulation. Sleep affects emotional wellbeing & mental health, especially important for developing young minds.

A child of 5 years needs roughly 11 hours sleep, at 9 years they need 10 hours sleep & at 14 years the average child needs 9 hours sleep.

“If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function, then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process ever made.” 

Allan Rechtschaffen 1978

Sleep for learning

When sleep deprived we are able to retain information but cannot adapt this information to the situation presented to us.

This is critical in a learning environment such as school and better sleep will provide your child with the emotional resilience to succeed socially and academically. Good sleeping habits help maintain emotional wellbeing & mental health

Sleep motivation

An older child will need to be motivated to make changes to ensure better sleep. For a child who is anxious I use very gradual techniques and small changes.

Using solution focused techniques and a tailor made reward system we will engage your child and set them up for success

Special children

As a sleep training child specialist I work with children with additional learning needs or a physical disability who often find sleep difficult. This may be linked to lower melatonin levels or pain.

In addition children who are fostered or adopted may also find sleep onset tricky often due to past experiences. Using gentle and consistent methods based on attachment theory we can improve bedtimes and sleep for your family. These children respond well in this situation but a sleep programme will take longer to be fully successful. Goodnight Solutions offers support for children in these situations which can maintain and improve emotional wellbeing & mental health for all the family

Onward referrals

I am experienced in most sleep issues, as a sleep training child specialist, however in some cases a referral to the GP or a child’s consultant may be necessary prior to commencing a sleep programme. I also access regular supervision to ensure clinical effectiveness.

If I feel that another service or professional would better suit your family I will discuss this with you and sign-post you without charge

Pricing information:

Home visits in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire are priced at £150 for a 2 hour visit. Other areas are covered but mileage will be charged – contact me for details. A home visit will be followed up with email support included as needed and tailor-made sleep plan will be emailed after the visit. Follow up Skype calls to support and ‘fine tune’ any strategies are available, priced at £20 an hour.

Skype consultations are also available – charged at £100 for 2 hours and a tailor made plan will be emailed following the consultation, with email support as needed after this.

Receiving everything via email has worked well for us but I really think it helps that A has met you before and knows who you are, so when we talk about you and your suggestions she believes in what you say and that it will help her to sleep. Thanks.
‘Mrs W’, 2018.

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