Holistic methods for helping your baby sleep through the night with feeding routine and advice

Congratulations on the addition to your family!

Babies bring tremendous joy but they can also bring feeding worries, sleepless nights and feelings that you are ‘not doing it right’.

I have extensive experience as a midwife, health visitor and holistic sleep coach and can guide you through these early days, weeks and months so you can fully enjoy your new addition.

Antenatal education around healthy sleep habits can help a parent feel more prepared for the birth. Sleep for the whole family can also be maximised without compromising your baby’s emotional development or feeding. Babies wake at night for many reasons – not just hunger and normalising this for parents can be very reassuring

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”

Leo J. Burke

Before Birth

I offer home visits to cover any aspect of baby care or ‘life after baby’ worries you may have.

I specialise in emotional support for parents who may have experienced low mood or anxiety after previous children.  Many families want a more holistic approach to sleep coaching that is not detrimental or harmful to their newborn baby’s development or attachment. At Goodnight Solutions I offer you and your baby holistic sleep methods and feeding advice which do not involve ever leaving a baby to cry.

Early days and weeks

I can advise on sleep methods and feeding advice as I have extensive experience of helping breast-feeding mothers in the early weeks.

I can support you to choose a feeding method which suits your family and can advise when a baby is ‘colicky’. I can support with reflux and cows milk protein allergy in breast and formula fed babies

Sleep in the first few months

I can guide and advise in what is normal sleep for young babies and can support with gentle ways of encouraging your young baby to sleep. I do not advocate ‘sleep training’ for a baby under 6 months old, instead I can support with feeding and maximise the amount of sleep a new family can get using knowledge of your own baby’s developing sleep cycles and circadian rhythms

Pricing information:

Rachel from Goodnight Solutions aims to ‘mother the mother’ – assisting you during your maternity period and helping you to be the best parent you can be!

2 hour home visits or video calls are available to assist with early settling and sleep issues – priced at £150 – these are one-offs and do not include an on-going plan.  These will address feeding, offer strategies to help baby settle and will be guided by safe sleep recommendations. I aim to give you the tools you need to help your baby. Please note this is not sleep training.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

I contacted Rachel via email for advice on a few sleep problems that I was having with my 5 month old baby. She was always really quick to respond and sent me a detailed plan/suggestions to try and tackle our sleep problems. Our nights have improved and we have fewer early morning wakes so her advice has been invaluable. I would highly recommend.

‘Mrs S’, 2018.

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