Behavioral and sleep consultation for toddlers, expert and qualified advice

At Goodnight Solutions I offer toddler sleep consultant solutions and behaviour help. From 8-9 months, babies can be gently encouraged to sleep longer at night. Younger babies can be encouraged to sleep better through good sleep hygiene but feeding at night is normal and common up until 18 months.

Working together with your child’s temperament and using our toddler sleep consultant solutions, I develop an individual plan for your family to encourage longer sleep.

Sometimes a ‘sleep problem’ is originating from other factors, a consultation will include all aspects of your family’s day and night holistically.

This will include a thorough assessment of your child’s feeding and day time schedule also.

Babies and toddlers wake for many reasons at night, and night waking is normal. Support is offered within the context of the family situation and is not an ‘off the peg’ quick fix.

Non-judgemental support and behaviour help in the day will make toddler sleep easier to manage at night. Your child will be supported to manage their big feelings in the day, so they are not as overwhelming at night. Good sleep for a toddler improves behaviour, eating and learning, call me today to discuss how I can help.

“I’m not asleep… but that doesn’t mean I’m awake.”

Unknown Author

Sleep packages

Sleep issues may include frequent wakings and feeds, night terrors, resistance of bedtime and inability to stay in bed. Goodnight Solutions offer toddler sleep consultant solutions tailored for you and your family.

Using a detailed questionnaire and sleep diary I devise an individual plan for your youngster which covers naps, bedtimes and night awakenings


Many toddlers struggle to toilet train and it can be a source of great anxiety and inconvenience to parents.

We work with reward based techniques and identify what your child is capable of achieving whilst keeping it low key and fun

Family foods and eating

Starting family foods is a big milestone in a baby’s first year, and is often linked with unsettled sleep.

Toddlers also may have different ideas to their parents about what eating and a healthy diet means to them!

I offer home visits tailored to your baby or child’s specific eating needs or worries and can support with what can be a very frustrating time for parents

Toddler behaviour

There is a saying that an unattended toddler can achieve more in 1 minute than an adult can in 1 day.  Goodnight Solutions offers behaviour help for your toddler which improves life for all the family.

Toddler tantrums and frustrations are developmental normal and occur due to your growing child’s desire for control without having the communication skills to match. An under slept toddler will also display more challenging behaviour.

I offer home visits to address and support with particular concerns and give specific sleep advice for your child

Pricing information:

Home visits in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire are priced at £150 for a 2 hour visit. Other areas are covered but mileage will be charged – contact me for details. A home visit will be followed up with email support included as needed and tailor-made sleep plan will be emailed after the visit. Follow up Skype calls to support and ‘fine tune’ details are available, priced at £20 an hour.

Skype consultations are also available – charged at £100 for 2 hours and a tailor made plan will be emailed following the consultation, with email support as needed after this.

Overnight stays are available to help with implementing a plan or prior to this to allow parents to recoup some sleep. Priced from £250. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Thank you so much for your help. You have always been friendly and warm, which can be so important when you are feeling sleep deprived, stressed and emotional. I appreciated that you took a collaborative approach – it felt like you wanted to create a plan together rather than just pushing a ‘copy and paste’ solution onto us. And most importantly since we spoke we have had several nights of uninterrupted sleep which has been wonderful!

‘Mrs M’, 2018

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