New Baby Sleep Workshop

Informal 3 hour workshop, tailored for parents-to-be and those with babies under 3 months, covering sleep strategies and techniques.

The workshop is written and presented by Rachel from Goodnight Solutions and Clare from Sling Me Clarefully.

Rachel is a midwife, public health nurse and accredited sleep coach who specialises in individual family sleep solutions. Clare a trained, experienced and trusted independent babycarrying consultant. She has helped many families in the early weeks and months, including those with premature or small babies, those with reflux and those who just need a little extra support.

Both Rachel and Clare are committed to helping all families and offer a welcoming supportive environment for you to explore what will suit your family best!

This workshop is designed for parents-to-be in the later antenatal period and those new parents whose babies are under 3 months. This a guideline only but the the information will be most relevant to families at these stages.

The workshop is informal with plenty of breaks and refreshments available, guests are invited to bring a friend, partner or family member and the event is designed to be supportive and inclusive. The venue is wheel chair accessible and babies and buggies are welcomed!

The workshop is designed with holistic sleep principles in mind. To simplify; this means that babies do not sleep in isolation, there are many family dynamics and circumstances which affect how your baby sleeps and how you, as parents, feel about their sleep. For this reason, normal baby sleep is explored and suggestions to how we can support this normal sleep are discussed.

We will be having some short video presentations, some demonstrations with dolls and some opportunity to have a go yourselves.

The workshop will finish with some specific strategies for improving sleep and an opportunity to socialise and chat over any individual issues.

Timetable of the day;

  • Introductions and evolution of sleep and why babies need to be held. Sources of support and the idea of the ‘parenting village’
  • Normal sleep, sleep cycles, leaps and regressions and safe sleep principles
  • Optimising daytime sleep, naps, sleep pressure and latency and what does this mean
  • Feeding (breast and bottle) and sleep, colic and  can babies self-sooth?
  • BREAK with refreshments
  • Parental sleep, parent needs and expectations, mindfulness techniques
  • Babycarrying demonstration and hands-on
  • Infant massage techniques and swaddling demonstration and hands-on
  • Simple tools to help your baby settle and sleep

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Please contact us privately if your financial circumstances make attending this event difficult.

Unfortunately our November workshop has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances please contact Rachel to discuss other options for support as required.