What changes have you made due to Covid19?

Due to the present Covid 19 crisis and the need for social distancing I am only offering online sleep consultations for the foreseeable future (see below for details).

As I am also currently redeployed back into the acute hospital wards I am only able to offer sleep consultations at present on Tuesday morning and a Wednesday. Please note this is subject to change.

I will answer all emails but there may be a delay to these due to also being on shift – I will reiterate this during any communication we have and before any booked consultations. The client accepts this is the case at the time of booking.

What is online sleep coaching?

Online coaching is a package of 4-5 video calls (via Zoom) and includes all email support in between, it is suitable for parents who prefer more guided support, whilst improving their baby/child’s sleep.

A typical package might comprise a sleep diary, questionnaire and information emailed prior to video call, followed an initial 60-90 minute call. A step-by-step plan is then emailed to you. We then, plan a second video call to review progress and plan the next steps, this is typically 3-4 days after the first call. A third video call might take place 3-4 days after this, with the 4th taking place 7-10 days later. There is an option for a 5th call if needed.

A typical structure would be working on bedtime first, then incorporating overnight strategies and for the last 2 calls naps are generally tackled.

The online coaching course is priced at £250, which includes all video calls, resources and email support over a 5 week period from the first video call.

Will my child cry?

Crying is your baby’s way of communicating. My methods work with your parenting style and your baby’s temperament however we are making changes to what your child understands as their way of falling asleep. So it is likely your child will cry for some short periods until they gain confidence in their new sleep pattern.

This is very different to leaving a child to cry alone. I do not advocate ‘cry it out’ strategies and if a parent needs a quicker ‘fix’ to the sleep problem then we work to support your child through these initial protests by keeping a parent present.

Why use a sleep practitioner?

There are many free resources available to parents and I have listed a few on this website. There are also many books which can be bought on helping your child to sleep. These are a very useful resource for many parents and can be chosen on based on your preferred parenting style.

However, when spending money on face-face or online help you are buying on-going support and a method which is designed to suit your child and your family set-up and dynamics. You will get a step-by-step programme which guides you through how to respond to your child at bedtime and during the night. It provides you with the tools to be absolutely consistent with your child which is the key to success.

I have tried everything already – why will it be successful now?

You have already made a commitment to change by getting this far on my website! When working with you, there will be very little about helping your child to sleep which you are not already aware of.

However, you may not have considered your child and families sleep in the wider context of how you and other family members feel about the sleep problem.

As adults we make changes in what is termed the ‘cycle of change’ (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983) which describes a continual cycle of contemplation, action, maintenance and relapse. We discuss this in your consultation and discuss how normal small relapses can derail a programme by intermittently rewarding your child. After this consultation you be will empowered to teach your child to sleep well and will be set up for success.

How long will it take?

The answer to this question is how consistent can you and all family members putting your child to bed be?

Many sleep issues will resolve within 2-3 weeks however for some children this can take 4-5 weeks depending on factors such as anxiety, special learning needs or attachment issues.

The key to a successful resolution of the sleep problem is absolute consistency and moving at a speed which works for child and parents.

Why does my child wake?

All babies, children and adults wake 3-4 times in the second half of the night (stage 2 and REM sleep). However, most of us will fall back asleep with no problems. For young babies waking at night is beneficial and safer for them.

Night waking will occur for many reasons – for example hunger, over-tiredness, anxiety, too cold or hot, pain and most commonly inappropriate sleep associations. As part of the consultation we identify factors which may be causing or exacerbating the sleep issue and gentle work to change these. As starting point working on your family’s sleep hygiene and bedtime routine is a very positive step you can make prior to any appointment.

How is my data used and stored?

Your data is used and stored as described in the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

In brief however, your data is collected to enable me to provide a tailored service for your child and family. It is kept securely for the period in which we are working together. I ask for the details of your child’s GP in case of any medical or safeguarding issue which may arise.

Your personal details will never be passed to any third party, except for payment purposes as necessary.

In addition to safeguard myself as a lone worker your surname and address will be available to one other adult if I am conducting a home visit and will be destroyed at the end of the working day.

Do you offer workshops or groups?

Goodnight Solutions offers 5-week workshops bookable by businesses for their employees. This consists of 3 x 10-15-minute presentations run weekly and then 2 weeks of available support and Q&A sessions. These are designed to fit into a 30-minute lunch-break and the course is charged to the employer. Please contact me for details.

Goodnight Solutions is also happy to provide a 2 hour visit to a group or group of friends with an informal feel, Q&A and sleep solutions discussed.

Goodnight Solutions can also visit nurseries or preschools to give brief sleep presentations and 10 minute parent appointments. Please contact me for any additional requests.

Workshops designed for expectant and new parents are available – please contact me for details!