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Once you make contact with me via phone, email or website I will ring you back and we can discuss how I can help.

Should you wish to book a home visit, or a Skype consultation, payment will be due 24 hours prior to the appointment. At the point of booking you receive a detailed questionnaire and sleep diary to complete, these are returned to me prior to your initial appointment.

In the initial consultation either face-face or via Skype, we discuss your concerns, the methods and solutions available to you and what I think would work best for your child. A detailed step-by-step plan is then emailed to you and on-going support after this is via email.

2 hour home visits are charged at £100, mileage may be charged for longer distances.

Appointments are now available in central Cambridge at the Salus Wellness Centre

These appointments take place within the clinic environment and are ideal for individuals with sleep problems who are working in the city and short of time.

Contact me to discuss evening stays, overnight support visits (usually £200) group visits and employee workshops.

”Sleep is life’s nurse, sent from heaven to create us anew day by day.”
Charles Reade 1814-1884.

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