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For FREE first steps and passwords please email a brief description of your child’s main sleep issue. Thank you!

Once you make contact with me via phone, email or website I will ring you back and we can discuss how I can help.

Should you wish to book an online package of Zoom consultations, payment will be due 24 hours prior to the appointment. At the point of booking you receive a detailed questionnaire and sleep diary to complete, these are returned to me prior to your initial appointment.

During the consultation, we discuss your concerns within a safe, confidential environment and the methods and solutions available to you.  A detailed step-by-step plan and a summary is then emailed to you after the consultation and on-going support via email is included in the price. Additional consultations can be booked as required. A £50 one-off consultation option is also available.  At present I am only offering online support due to Covid-19.

****Update January 2021 – due to Covid19 working I am only offering very limited one-off consultations****

”Sleep is life’s nurse, sent from heaven to create us anew day by day.”
Charles Reade 1814-1884.

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Night sleep & Napping have easily been the most stressful part of parenting for me so after obsessing about it for weeks we decided to call in a sleep consultant to teach us the science and help us, help our baby to sleep better. Rachel had been recommended by a friend and although I was nervous she would think I was mad (I thought I was!) and tell us we were doing everything wrong she was absolutely lovely. She could not have put me more at ease. She was able to show me what do do when our baby was refusing to nap during our 1 hour home consultation – AND he had a really long nap – which was a first for him. Rachel provided a detailed sleep schedule and suggestions on how to deal with night wakings, which we referred to like a manual!! He sleeps through the night consistently and his naps are great. After seeing Rachel I feel like a weight had lifted and myself and my husband finally got our evenings back! I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Thank you Rachel.

AH 02/2020

Alternatively please contact me on [email protected] for more information, services offered and prices.

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