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Sleep cycles, normal sleep ?

Normal sleep? When I ask people what goal they would like for their child when they ask me about sleep training or sleep problems – in 99% of families it is for the child to sleep through the night. I start by explaining that non of us sleep through the night. If we perceive we […]

Intermittent rewards

Intermittent rewards – the one thing we all do as parents but the one thing that derails us! For years I have wondered why my kids always asked for screen time – all day, every day, anytime they were not on a screen they were asking to go back on one! I didn’t understand it […]


Sleep inspirations

Sleep inspirations? What made me start up a sleep teaching business? If asked I’ll say it was a desire to work for myself after years of helping families in the NHS. But after thinking about this post I’m not so sure! It was kick started by one morning of listening to the Chris Evan’s breakfast […]