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Clocks have gone back

Did anyone get a lie-in in this morning? Worried that the bedtime routine may go to pot now the clocks have gone back? According to the ‘Great British Bedtime Report’ complied by the Sleep Council more than a quarter of people who have three children (26%) sleep poorly most nights. The report concludes that that the […]


Sleep deprivation and anxiety in new mothers

https://psychcentral.com/blog/how-being-sleep-deprived-alters-a-brain-connection-that-causes-fear-and-anxiety/ Nick Hobson writes an excellent blog on sleep deprivation and anxiety (see above) – summarized as  ‘a sleepy brain is particularly susceptible to negative emotion states and heightened anxiety’. What does this mean for new mothers? New mothers (and any parents with a child who won’t sleep) will relate to a feeling of underlying […]

Sleep Awareness Week 1-8th October

Sleep Awareness Week 1-8th October Is your child’s sleep problem leading to on-going issues for your own sleep and health? The Sleep Health Foundation in Australia is running a sleep awareness week this week, focusing on caffeine and sleep. Did you know? Caffeine promotes alertness by inhibiting chemicals in the brain that promote sleep. Caffeine […]

Sleep for businesses

  Sleep for businesses!  Sleep increases productivity, reduces accidents and improves communication skills, well-rested staff take less time off sick and less carers leave! Sleep makes for more productive meetings and greater cooperation. Sleep promotes better mental health and less workplace and general anxiety! What’s not to like? Mathew Walker’s tips for a good night […]

Baby-led parenting

https://www.emmapickettbreastfeedingsupport.com/twitter-and-blog/sometimes-responsive-feeding-looks-like-this Baby-led parenting Responsive feeding, baby-led weaning, no-cry sleep solutions? As health professionals we tell a new mum to always respond to her baby’s cues/signals or distress. We talk about secure attachments and stress hormones and we suggest to a parents that a routine or asking a baby to wait is not achievable or desirable. […]


Back to school sleep

Back to school sleep! How to get those school-age kids back on track with their sleep after the summer? Have your summer holiday bedtimes got later and later? No immediate rush in the mornings means more laid-back bedtimes for most of us over the summer holidays. This is not normally a problem after a late […]


Summer sleep, summer holidays

Summer holidays and summer sleep. Its a time of later bedtimes and lazy mornings, of hot bedrooms and possibly trips away on holiday. Quick tips include keeping the bedroom as cool as possible. Consider keeping feet bare and uncovered, always use black out blinds – movable ones are good for summer sleep whilst on holidays.  […]

Sleep and World Breastfeeding Week

Good associations from the start – World Breastfeeding Week – 1-7th August 2018 The theme of this years World Breastfeeding Week is to inform people about the links between good nutrition, food security, poverty reduction and breastfeeding. Following on from this (more relevant in the developed world) having a well-slept workforce may also reduce poverty […]


Babies can resettle!

Babies can resettle – the controversial subject of ‘self-soothing’  true or false? If you have read Goodnight Solutions blog – Sleep cycles , normal sleep?  (https://www.goodnightsolutions.co.uk/sleep-cycles-normal-sleep/)  you may remember that waking in the night is normal for babies and adults alike. So how then do some parents report their babies as young as 5 weeks […]

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Cycle of change

So when and why would you use a sleep practitioner? Consider the cycle of change! The image above is taken from Steven Aitchison’s excellent website (www.stevenaitchison.co.uk). It is based upon the cycle developed by Prochaska and DiClemente in 1983. It describes the thought processes we use when thinking about changing something in our lives – in […]