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Gentle parenting verses sleep!

Gentle parenting verses sleep! Can we achieve both as parents? What do you think of these days when you hear the term gentle parenting? Is it synonymous with or distinct from attachment parenting? In my understanding (and I may be wrong!) attachment parenting is a set of ideals and a way of ‘being’ whereas gentle […]

Naps and daytime structure!

Naps and daytime structure! Let’s chat about naps! When our babies are tiny, they feed and sleep and feed and sleep! Then they wake up around 4-5 weeks old and suddenly naps become a ‘thing’! Some babies are great at dropping off and naturally regulating their day sleep regardless of where and how. Other babies […]

Feeding! Life in the first 6 months of being a parent!

Life in the first 6 months of being a parent! Feeding methods and parental factors. In this series of mini blogs we look at life in the first 6 months of your baby’s life. Week 2 discusses how feeding methods and parental factors affect baby sleep. Does feeding method make a difference to baby sleep? […]

When your newborn doesn’t latch!

Help! Why can’t me and my baby breastfeed? When your newborn doesn’t latch! What do you do when your newborn doesn’t latch! Breastfeeding is a skill that needs to be learnt by mothers and babies. It is the normal way of feeding a baby but that does not mean that it comes easily to all […]


How do I cope with the bad days?

So how do you cope with the really bad days? We all have them, days when we have had very little sleep, days when everything takes ages, days when everyone says ‘no’, days when we just want to be left alone! This Thursday is World Mental Health Day , and this year they are focusing […]

All you need to know about baby colic

Everything a new parent needs to know about baby colic! What it is, how to relieve and treat it and what works and what might work! This blog is written from my professional experience of working with hundreds of new parents as a midwife and health visitor in combination with on-going learning and up to […]

Holistic Sleep Coaching

For the next 4 months I’m privileged to be training with Lyndsey Hookway (BSc; RNC; HV; IBCLC) on her holistic sleep coaching course. Check out Lyndsey’s site here. So what is holistic sleep coaching and how can it support you? The key is in the title – ‘holistic’ ! This is a gentle exploration of […]