Sleep inspirations? What made me start up a sleep teaching business? If asked I’ll say it was a desire to work for myself after years of helping families in the NHS. But after thinking about this post I’m not so sure!

It was kick started by one morning of listening to the Chris Evan’s breakfast show and his guest Matthew Walker. If you haven’t read his book ‘Why we sleep’ I suggest you do – it’s a full on read but it has totally changed my outlook on sleep as a crucial part of life.

I have always been a person who loves sleep was it wasn’t a hardship to ensure I got more sleep. At last I had solid scientific evidence to justify shutting the computer down and putting the phone away in the evening. What started as a holiday project to get a full 8 and quarter hours sleep a night, has become an aim for all nights.

It is not always possible with work, school runs, dogs to walk, washing PE kits, last minute homework and spelling tests and the occasional panic over a dress up day for Key stage 1, but I now make 8 hours sleep the norm rather than the exception to the rule. My evenings now have a period of relaxation before bed and instead of forcing myself out of bed at 6am for a half-hearted jog I sleep until 7am – this hour in the morning makes a huge difference.

Matthew Walker talks about an extra short period of deep sleep in the morning when we are normally in stage 2 sleep or REM sleep. He makes the point that all sleep is crucial; deep sleep is needed for body repair and REM sleep for emotional repair and regulation.

So I have ditched the Fitbit telling me that my sleep is disordered and ignored the apps which will wake me when I’m in a light sleep so I’m not groggy if woken when I’m in that last wonderful bit of deep sleep! I have ignored the inner Paula Radcliff telling me I should be jogging and trying to get fitter and slimmer.

Instead I am prioritising sleep – that wonderful life giver which is repairing my body and regulating my emotions and reactions to life. I may be slightly rounder and wobblier, but my husband is a happier man – less nagging and flying off the handle from his wife!

So why have a started a sleep teaching business – I have just answered my own question – not a desire to work for myself or reduce the rigors of working for the NHS – but a genuine fascination with all things sleep and how fantastic it makes us feel.